Our mission

Allianz gaming company has been established as a developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games and video games accessory.

  • Purpose: To be a leader in the E-Sport industry by providing enhanced gaming technology.
  • Vision: Allianz gaming was designed for users under the theory of making a living from gaming and to make E-Sports a household name in Nigeria.
  • Mission statement: To build the biggest E-Sport Corporation in Nigeria, Africa, and the world.
  • Core values: We believe in creativity, invention, and innovation. 
  • Goals• Regional expansion in the E-Sport society and develop a strong base of key professional gamers.

Our values

Allianz gaming is a virtual platform community that provides a gamer with a range of competitions, leagues, and ladders allowing them to win prizes within the Allianz gaming community across the world. it allows a gamer to compete, test their skills and socialize in an online community and live competitions for cash, points, and prizes. the company’s production division delivers tournament and event planning, coordination and logistics, and operates in a gaming studio/arena.

its services include video production, launch events and promotions, streaming and broadcasting, league management, web, and mobile applications, and tournament campaigns.